Pratyush Vashisht

Engineering Manager @, Amsterdam

B.Tech in Information Technology, IIIT Allahabad, Class of 2016

About Me

  • Over the years, I have worked on different technologies like Vue, React, Fluxible, Redux, Backbone, Node, PHP, Perl, Rails, Java, etc. for different lengths of time, thus allowing me to grasp the fundamentals of the new one easily.
  • I like learning new skills and gaining knowledge. My interests over the years have been Piano, Photography, Stock trading, Stargazing/Astronomy, Geopolitics, World History, and various disciplines of science.
  • I also work on solving problems using these skills, like creating browser extensions, add-ons, and software/hardware-based home automation solutions using open-source, LAN based technologies like Zigbee, ESPXX chips, Home Assistant, Node-Red etc.

My expertise is finding tech solutions to the problems you have, or the ones you didn't realise you had.

Work Experience

  • Leading a team of 6 engineers working on the guest facing policies on different platforms (web and apps).
  • Led a team of 7 engineers that worked on products catering to guests paying at the property under different policy settings.
  • Rebuilt the system to allow guests to pay at the property without sharing their card details with the partners and still having the ability to charge the fees as needed. Scaled from 2 EU countries to the EEA.
  • Improve and maintain the whole horizontal flow of multiple settings that allow customers to book a property without adding any card details while maintaining the risk/reward balance for the partners.
  • Report and improve on team's output with regular 1 - 1s, brainstorms, and feedback sessions.
  • Reporting to, and coordinating with stakeholders from leadership and other Booking products.
  • Guiding the developers to give their best output with maximum impact, resulting in one of the devs getting promoted to a senior role less than 2 years of joining the company.
  • Part of the Emergency Response Team (BHV) in the company to volunteer in case of any first aid requirement, firefighting, and evacuation.


  • Open source and available on GitHub.
  • Built using ESP32, A4988 stepper motor driver, NEMA17 motor among other components.
  • Dual power input (USB-C and 12V DC).
  • Controlled using a web interface and APIs.
  • Custom 3d printed parts.