Pratyush Vashisht

Engineering Manager (Software) at, Amsterdam

B.Tech in Information Technology, IIIT Allahabad, Class of 2016

About Me

  • Languages I know (in order of decreasing professional proficiency): English, हिंदी, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Nederlands
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  • Over the years, I have worked on different technologies, such as React, Backbone, PHP, Perl, Rails, Java, etc., for different lengths of time, which has allowed me to grasp the fundamentals of new ones easily.
  • I like learning new skills and gaining knowledge. My interests over the years have been Piano, Photography, Stock trading, Stargazing/Astronomy, Geopolitics, World History, and various disciplines of science.
  • I use these skills to solve problems, such as creating browser extensions, add-ons, and software/hardware-based home automation solutions using open-source, LAN-based technologies like Zigbee, ESPXX chips, Home Assistant, Node-Red, etc.

My expertise is finding tech solutions to the problems you have, or the ones you didn't even realise you had.

Work Experience

  • Leading a team of 7 engineers managing the transactional policies (cancellation, prepayment, no-show policies) on the guest side of accommodations.
  • Improved the team's agile processes with JIRA automations and add-ons, reducing the issue processing time by 90%.
  • Leading the improvements in the team's automated testing and general development processes resulted in the team becoming the fastest App team in the company for PR turn-around time.
  • Previously, led the rebuilding of the system that allowed guests to pay at the property without transferring their card details to the property partners while still being able to charge the fees as needed. We then scaled it from two EU countries to the whole EEA.
  • Improved and maintained the whole horizontal flow of multiple settings that allow customers to book a property without adding any card details while maintaining the risk/reward balance for the partners.
  • Responsible for vertical growth of two FTEs and mentoring others for more horizontal exposure.
  • Reporting on and improving the team's output with regular 1 - 1s, brainstorms, and feedback sessions, coordinating with stakeholders from leadership and other Booking products.
  • Successfully mentored a colleague from's catering supplier for programming, who is now a Cloud Engineer.
  • Part of the Emergency Response Team (BHV) in the company, to volunteer in case of any first aid requirement, firefighting, or evacuation. I also volunteer for HartSlagNu, the resuscitation call system in the Netherlands.


  • Available for purchase online.
  • The lamp is powered by a USB A or C power supply and uses an LED strip for lighting.
  • The lamp can be used as a table lamp or a wall light.